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Supported Living

Supported living services enable our service users to lead fulfilling lives in their own homes with independence, choice and control over their daily activities. Supported living services are aimed at people with varying degrees of learning disabilities, physical disabilities and mental health support needs.

All tenants living in a supported living setting have access to staff throughout the 24 hour period, plus one-to-one support each day as required. The level and type of service varies to meet the unique and individual needs of each person we support. Some people have a small number of individual support hours per day, whilst others receive support for each hour of the day.

All our services are person centred and encourage independence whilst maintaining a safe environment. We believe people using our services should be as independent and self determining as they are able to be.

There are two components to the cost of living within a supported living setting; one in relation to renting the apartment (rent and the service charge), the second in relation to the support you would be receiving. The rent, council tax and service charge can be claimed for through housing benefit. You are required to pay for the normal utility bills such as water and electricity bills for your apartment, plus any other expenditures such as phone line rental etc. The main costs for the support provided is usually be paid for by the local authority, although a contribution for these services might be requested from the tenant. To establish whether you are eligible contact your local authority and speak to a social worker.

To discuss our services further, please contact our nearest office and we will be happy to provide the information you require.