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Older People Services

SOS Homecare currently deliver our homecare service to older people on behalf of local authorities, the NHS and individuals who wish to pay privately or through their personal budgets for the service. We have been supplying services commissioned by Trafford council for the eighteen years and we are contracted to supply services to them for at least another two years. The care delivered can range from a 15 minute check to ensure that the individual has taken prescribed medication, for example, through to 24 hour, live-in care.

SOS Homecare believe that as many people as possible should be cared for in the community - in their own homes, avoiding the possibility of moving into a carehome. SOS Homecare can provide help with every aspect of your day, personal to what you need and what you want. Some examples of services you may require from us include, but are not restrcited to, the following:

  • Help with getting up, washed and dressed in the morning
  • Assistance to prepare your breakfast
  • Support with any domestic activities (cleaning or laundry for example)
  • Enable you to go shopping
  • Join you in your social activities
  • Aid you in any way to access education or employment
  • Arrange and escort to appointments
  • Support with banking and bills
  • Assistance with the evening meal
  • Companionship
  • Assistance with medication
  • Help you to get ready for bed
  • Support throughout the night

Further we can support individuals:

  • with short term medical conditions, including recovery from accidents, illnesses and surgery
  • with chronic medical conditions requiring ongoing care such as diabetes, emphysema, hypertension and strokes
  • in need of support due to Alzheimer's disease and dementia
  • with terminal illness
  • who require supportive or respite assistance

To discuss our services further, please contact our nearest office and we will be happy to provide the information you require.