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Physical Disability Services

Whether you are born with a disability, or it's acquired later in life and whether it is permanent or temporary, it's important to have some independence. Independent living is more possible now, than it ever was before with Direct Payments, Individual Service Funds, and Individual Budgets providing more choice and control, and the ability to choose your own help at home.

Home care and support means that for the majority of people, it's possible to stay within the comfort of their own homes and community settings rather than be in residential care.

To be able to take responsibility for oneself, rather than be a passive recipient of care is important for retaining a sense of well being. Our home carers will support and mentor people with physical disabilities to live as independently as possible, encouraging and helping them to get the best out of life. We can help no matter how simple, or complex the support needs are. With our person centered approach, we ensure that personal support plans are designed around the personal needs and wishes of the person we are supporting, their family, friends, and any professionals working alongside us.

Individuals can choose the type of support and care at home they feel they need with complete personalisation, the type of support we can provide includes but is not limited to:

  • Personal Home Care; assistance with daily routines like washing and bathing, getting dressed and ready for the day, managing medicines, or settling in for the evening.
  • Practical help at home; support with daily tasks like light domestic duties, preparing and cooking meals, and shopping.
  • Social inclusion; arrange trips out, visits to friends and family, attending youth clubs or coffee mornings, cultural and other social activities.
  • Community inclusion; we can help with joining and engaging with local volunteer or community groups and events.
  • We will work with the individual, rather than for them, helping them to do things for themselves as much as possible.

We firmly believe that a physical disability should not impede rights to choose, or hinder achieving goals in life. Everyone is different and as needs change, we monitor achievement towards the personal aspirations of those we support, regularly checking their support plans for progress.

To discuss our services further, please contact our nearest office and we will be happy to provide the information you require.