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At SOS Homecare, we pride ourselves in being a supportive and approachable employer. We work with our employees to give people the flexibility they need, we understand that life should not just be about work. We strive to be a different type of company who focusses on supporting our employees throughout their employment. Within all of our branches, we have an open door policy, and love the staff coming in to speak to us, even if it is just for a short break. 

Our aims and values

- We aim to be seen as the best local provider of services and to be seen as the best local care employer

- We as an organisation value diversity and treat all people equally

- We believe that all people have rights but alongside those rights there are responsibiltiies

- We as an organisation providing services shall operate with integrity and honesty in all our dealings

- We shall support and encourage all our staff to operate by the same standards.