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Self Directed Support

You may have heard it being referred to 'personalisation,' 'direct payments,' or 'personal budgets.' There are different ways to describe it, but whatever name's given to it - it's about giving people real power and control over their lives.

SOS Homecare recognise that people wish to exercise more choice and control over the care and support services they receive, but to varying levels. After all everyone is an individual and no two services we provide are exact. Therefore our Your Future You Choose service allows you to determine the areas you take charge, have involvement or leave to us. Here are some examples of areas you could determine, be involved with or leave to us:

  • Formulating your personalised support plan
  • Deciding on the people you want to care for and support you
  • Or recruiting people to meet your exact requirements, including writing the adverts, job descriptions and being part of the interview panel.
  • Decide when you want care and/or support, and managing the 'rota.'

In addition we cover all of the many costs (and hassles) involved with employing someone, such as:

  • Advertising costs for the new employees
  • Costs associated with ensuring adherence to employment law, including contracts of employment
  • Mandatory training of twelve courses such as Safeguarding Adults, Basic Life Support, Health & Safety and many more
  • Employers Liability Service
  • Management of supervisions and appraisals, plus any disciplinary or dismissals that may be needed
  • The processing of timesheets and the payment of the employees
  • The adherence to National Insurance contributions and statutory holiday entitlements
  • Generating payslips for your employees (including P60's each year)
  • Supporting staff to complete an enhanced DBS Check

SOS Homecare believe that the 'You Future You Choose' service represents extremely good value for money, saving you lots of time and stress and, more importantly, allowing you to manage and dictate the support you receive rather than your time being tied dealing with less important tasks.

To discuss our services further, please contact our nearest office and we will be happy to provide the information you require.